In the event of a total and complete blackout, find a flashlight.
Before the unexpected blackout, make sure you check for batteries inside.
Most of us never do that. Most of the time, the batteries are dead. Find new ones.
In case there aren’t any, find candles.
In case there aren’t any, find a matchbox.
In case there aren’t any, find two stones that can produce a spark.
In case there aren’t any, look inside yourself.
There will be something there. There always is.
Even if it’s dim and flickering, it is there.
You’ll be surrounded by darkness everywhere outside,
Sometimes it feels like forever and ever and ever,
But there is light inside, somehow.

And if the power has gone out for so long, for so long,
That your eyes have adjusted to the black darkness,
And you can see your empty, hollow room,
Just wait. Just wait.
The power has to come back.

But you have to wonder,
While holding onto yourself for years,
If the wait has to be so frightening sometimes?

Because even the best of us, striving to flicker,
Worry about being snuffed out.